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Scoping out the proposed Ontario elk hunt

Written by  |  Thursday, 04 November 2010 06:39  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Photo: Steve McNevin, Cam McCauley and Mike Allan With the growing frequency of elk sightings in the County of Frontenac, hunters in these parts may soon be aiming their scopes their way - that is, if the MNR's proposed one-week elk hunt in Ontario goes through. Through their current Elk Management Plan the MNR is hoping to provide an opportunity for hunters to harvest elk through a proposed elk hunt in parts of Central and North Frontenac. It was with that in mind that Cam McCauley, coordinator with the Frontenac Stewardship Council, invited MNR wildlife research technician Mike Allan to the Storrington Community Hall in Sunbury to speak about the history, reintroduction, current status and future research of elk in Ontario. Joining Allan was Steve McNevin,…

Frontenac County Council - Oct 21/10

Written by  |  Thursday, 28 October 2010 06:40  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
OMPAH AMBULANCE BASE/FIRE HALL “I'm very disappointed with the way this project is being carried out,” said North Frontenac Mayor Ron Maguire when a report by Paul Charbonneau about the Ompah ambulance base/North Frontenac fire hall was brought forward. “North Frontenac entered into this project for cost reasons and for reasons of efficiency and economy of scale, but the costs that are being talked about are way beyond our means,” Maguire added. Based on the costs that are being incurred at the Sydenham ambulance base, which is currently under construction ($172 per square foot), Charbonneau estimates the cost of the Ompah building at $774,000, plus about $70,000 for project management and an additional amount for energy and environmental elements in line with the LEED program…

Municipal Election 2010 Results Addington Highlands Township

Written by  |  Thursday, 28 October 2010 06:40  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Addington Highlands – Incumbents lose in Ward 1 By Jeff Green Most of the candidates for council in Addington Highlands, along with acclaimed Reeve Henry Hogg, had gathered in the council chambers at the Flinton Rec. Centre by 8 p.m. on Monday night, when the polls were supposed to close. The door to the council chambers was closed, so as not to interfere with the bingo that was going on next door. Then the news came that the polls were remaining open for an extra hour, setting up an hour of polite chat as candidates waited to find out what their fate would be, with the only one who was truly relaxed being Henry Hogg. When the vote came in shortly after 9 it revealed…

County, township debating building project costs

Written by  |  Thursday, 21 October 2010 06:40  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
The Township of North Frontenac has asked Frontenac County to consider making changes to its plans for the construction of a fire hall/ambulance base in Ompah. The project, which is jointly sponsored by the county and the township, with each paying for the costs associated with their own portions of the building, is slated by the county to be a LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified building and to be constructed with the assistance of a project manager. In a report to North Frontenac Council, the township’s Chief Building Official George Gorrie questioned the value of LEED and the need for a project manager, and the added cost that both will bring to the project. LEED is a points-based system where points are…

Election coverage wrap up

Written by  |  Thursday, 14 October 2010 06:41  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
This edition marks the end of our municipal election cam-paign coverage, with the publication of candidate profiles for South Frontenac, Addington Highlands, South Sherbrooke Ward of Tay Valley Township, and Ward 6 (Elphin-McDonalds Corners) of Lanark Highlands on pages 13-17. These profiles, in addition to the ones for Central Frontenac that we published last week, and North Frontenac the week before, are all posted at were times when the entire exercise felt like a Si-syphean make work project – 61 candidate profiles in addi-tion to 13 all-candidates’ meetings in three weeks is a large chunk of work. The idea behind doing all this was to try to give voters who are interested in the election two opportunities to eval-uate the candidates - by seeing…

Frontenac County Council - Sep. 24/10

Written by  |  Thursday, 30 September 2010 06:41  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Twenty-year study for Highway 7 between Peterborough and Kaladar Consultants from the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) made a short presentation to Frontenac County Council on September 22 last week, introducing a long-term study that is designed to “provide strategic direction and technical information for future Ministry planning/environmental assessment studies, provincial plans, policy, program and investment priorities” said Darren Waters of the Kingston MTO office. Waters added that the study “will not be identifying specific strategies in certain areas,” adding that it is “basically a strategic direction study for the ministry.” Frontenac Islands Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek said that Frontenac County politicians should closely monitor this study and seek opportunities to get involved. “It would seem to me that the study on the Highway 7 corridor…

Limestone Schools heal themselves

Written by  |  Thursday, 16 September 2010 06:44  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Loughborough, Sharbot Lake and Clarendon Central Public Schools, and Sydenham High School have been recognised with HEAL awards for the first time by the Limestone District School Board at their September 8 meeting. The HEAL Award recognizes schools that are working to create learning environments that promote health and wellness alongside academic excellence. Healthy Education and Active Learning (HEAL) is a 3-year-old program of the Limestone District School Board that recognises efforts made by local schools in a number of areas, including: healthy eating, physical education, mental health, bullying prevention, prevention of substance abuse, and more. There are now 28 schools in the board that qualify for the award. Lara Paterson is a teacher with the Limestone Board who has been seconded to Kingston Frontenac…

Frontenac County Council - Aug. 11/10

Written by  |  Thursday, 19 August 2010 06:46  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Davison/Vanden Hoek on County Roads – Don’t ask for money from townships. In July members of Frontenac County Council put a stop to a comprehensive transportation plan, at a cost of over $100,000, which was proposed by County Sustainability Planner Joe Gallivan. Gallivan was asked to come back with a more modest proposal that focussed on the arterial roads within the county that are within the jurisdiction of the individual Frontenac townships. He was also told to keep his proposal within the $40,000 cost that had been approved in the 2010 budget. In receiving the terms of reference for that more limited roads management plan at the meeting of County Council on Wednesday August 11, at least two of the four members of the current…

Renewable energy assessment project seeks input

Written by  |  Thursday, 12 August 2010 06:46  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Over the past few years many individuals and businesses in Frontenac County have invested in solar panels to heat their water or to produce power for the Hydro grid as part of the MicroFIT program. Others have invested in geothermal heating systems for their homes, and there may be some farmers who are growing crops for biomass fuel production. And for every one who has invested in a small-scale home energy project, there are many more who are thinking about it. Frontenac County wants to hear from all of these people in their drive to lower the energy footprint of the county and establish it as a prime location for rural renewable energy projects. The Assessment of Renewable Energy Project, which was one of the…

August Long Weekend Music Festivals 2010

Written by  |  Thursday, 05 August 2010 06:46  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
by Julie Druker and Jeff GreenFlinton Country Bluegrass Jamboree Bill White and White Pine It was an all-in-the-family extravaganza of local talent at the sixth annual Flinton Country Bluegrass Jamboree on Saturday and crowds over the weekend soared to 1200, making the turnout the best in the Jamboree's six-year history. Fans of the kind of pop-country or country rock that have become the staple of country radio might not find the Flinton Jamboree quite their taste, but for those with a taste for traditional country and bluegrass music the Jamboree has become a cherished event. The Harrowsmith-based band, White Pine, started off this year’s Saturday after dinner show. Bill White leads the band and his son Joe is the featured fiddler. This much was familiar…

Frontenac Old Time Country Music Championship

Written by  |  Thursday, 29 July 2010 08:29  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
15-year-old singer Jessie Treneer of Kingston took home the Championship award at the FOTMC Now in its third year, the Frontenac Old Time Country Music Championships is attracting more competitors, guest artists, music enthusiasts and local sponsors than ever before. Founded and organized by Joan and Roy Shepherd, who also founded the bi-weekly Bedford jam sessions, the FOTMC are in Joan's words “the best way we can think of to keep old time music alive in the younger generations.” This year competitive classes were again offered Saturday and Sunday to various age groups in singing, fiddle, banjo, mandolin and guitar classes and a total of 31 musicians and singers competed, with this year seeing a dramatic rise in the number of young singers who turned…

Frontenac County Council - Jul 23/10

Written by  |  Thursday, 29 July 2010 08:29  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Council rebuffs expanded transportation study –  Steve Carol and Ken Becking, engineers with Jewell Engineering, made a presentation to Frontenac County Council concerning a proposed comprehensive transportation study for the county. The study would look not only at all of the roads and bridges, but trails, transportation services, ferries, and more. “The transportation management plan focus should be a review of roads to consider a regional roads system, but integration and linkages to other modes of transportation (roads, trails, transit, and ferries) must be considered as part of this project,” said a staff report supporting an allocation of $110,000 towards a transportation management plan. Members of County Council didn't mince words in response. “I cannot support this. It is not what we discussed when we…

Activists take prison farm fight to new level

Written by  |  Thursday, 22 July 2010 08:30  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
After failing to get a court injunction to stop the dismantling of the six Canadian prison farms (two of which are located in Kingston), and the imminent sale of the Frontenac Institution’s 300-head dairy herd, members of the “Save Our Prison Farms” national campaign will be resorting to civil disobedience this week. An Ottawa based judge refused to support a moratorium that was proposed by the campaign to stop the closure in hopes of spending three months working with the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) to explore other options that would allow the programs to continue. Diane Dowling, president of the NFU's local 316, said that members of the campaign presented a briefing to Don Head, the commissioner of CSC, outlining the possibility of forming…

Five generations at Crater Farm

Written by  |  Thursday, 22 July 2010 08:30  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Irwin Babcook with a cement marker made for the farms' centenary. It was a matter of luck for Irwin and Jerry Babcook to be able to find a couple of hours in a late July morning to talk to me about their family farm. But all the June rain had given way to some hot sunny weather and the first cut of hay was in, which is pretty good for mid-July. Last year there was more rain than sun in the early summer and there was even a 10-day stretch when no haying was done at all. “I think it was sometime in August last year before the first cut was done,” said Irwin Babcook, “so we're feeling pretty good this year.” The Babcook farm…

Who to call? 211 comes to KFL&A

Written by  |  Wednesday, 30 June 2010 08:31  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Every neighbourhood and every little town has one. They might run the store, work in the post office, or work at a local social services agency. They’re the one person that knows who does what. Once you know who that person is, it saves a lot of time. You just walk up and tell them what the trouble is, be it a sore tooth, a sore foot, a problem with a furnace, some tough times, or not knowing who to call to sign up for hockey, and they will always say, “I know who you can call. The number is …” The idea behind the 211 non-emergency help number is to give everyone instant access to the services they need, including information about health, recreation,…

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