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Dressing Up & Raising Money

Written by  |  Thursday, 10 June 2010 08:32  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Guess who? Two Dollies make a Larry sandwich at the Frontenac Community arena fundraiser. (l-r) Beth and Terry Freeland and Nancy Lansdell Close to 250 supporters of the Frontenac Community Arena gathered for a good old-fashioned Saturday night of fun and dance at the arena on June 5. Partygoers reveled in the sounds of “Still Standin” and many had a chance to perfect their shots on net at the 5 Hole Split Competition. The winner of the competition was Dustin Sinclair. A number of Dolly Parton and Larry the Cable Guy look-alikes were spotted on the premises and when all was said and done, the arena renovations are $5000 closer to being paid for. Thanks to all of the supporters and volunteers who made the…

Atwood leads rally opposing prison farm closures

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Jeff Peters of NFU local 316 organizes marchers at Sunday’s rally in Kingston With the looming closures of six prison farms across the country, over 800 people gathered at a rally at the Sydenham United Church in Kingston on June 7 to hear a number of speakers from various groups declare their outrage at the Conservative government’s refusal to reverse their decision to close six prison farms across the country, two of which are located at the Frontenac and Pittsburgh Institutions in Kingston. The groups have opposed the closures, stating that the farms are economically feasible, beneficial to agriculture and good for public safety. Civil disobedience was the topic of the day as many group leaders vowed to take whatever non-violent action is necessary to…

Prison Farms: The protest that won’t go away

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“We don’t believe it when they say it’s a done deal,” said Brigit Doherty, one of the organizers of a rally that is taking place in Kingston on Sunday to try to convince the federal government to save and revitalize Canada’s six prison farms. The decision to close Canada’s prison farms, two of which are located in Kingston, was revealed publicly about 16 months ago, and has led to a concerted campaign of letter writing, petitions, delegations, and parliamentary motions which, according to a press release posted at “have gathered unanimous support from across the country.” While support for the prison farms has been expressed by all of the opposition parties in the national parliament, both in the interest of the prisoners who work…

Frontenac County Council - May 19/10

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Planning special of the year – Trout sensitivity à la Catch 22 Four Bridgen's Island landowners are seeing their entire investment go to nothing because of provincial environmental regulations.    Bridgen’s Island is a horseshoe-shaped 16.5 hectare (40 acre) piece of rock on Eagle Lake in Central Frontenac Township, which was purchased by a group of nature lovers in the early 1970s. The members of the Bridgen’s Island Association surveyed the land and created 17 building lots, which were doled out to the various members of the co-operative. The entire island was assessed as one lot by the township of the time and members of the association chipped in to pay the taxes. At the time the Township of Hinchinbrooke had only minimal environmental regulations.…

We were wrong about the PARC

Written by  |  Thursday, 20 May 2010 08:43  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Editorial by Jeff Green Sometimes transparency is misconstrued as manipulation. As an observer of the Program and Accommodation Review Committee (PARC), which spent eight months deliberating about the future of the schools in Central and North Frontenac, there were times when I thought the process was some kind of a sham. The parent council and staff members from schools in Parham, Mountain Grove, Sharbot Lake and Plevna were being led step by step through funding and service models that were designed by the Ministry of Education in Toronto. The school board staff, who were providing information to the PARC, seemed to be trying to get the parents to do their dirty work for them. The PARC stuck it out and delivered a report that took…

Frontenac County Council – Apr. 21/10

Written by  |  Thursday, 29 April 2010 08:44  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Frontenac County sees energy production as economic driver  Frontenac County Council is looking to the wind farm on Wolfe Island as the catalyst for the county to establish itself as “the alternative energy capital of Ontario”, according to Frontenac Islands Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek. “This can be the equivalent in energy production to what the Waterloo region is in terms of technology,” he added. These comments were delivered in response to a report to a meeting of county council on April 21 by consultant Kathryn Wood about a project that has been dubbed the “New Energy Project – Life as we'll know it”, which has been ongoing for the past six months. A steering committee that includes representatives from Frontenac County, Queen's University, St. Lawrence…

Frontenac County brings in a tax decrease for 2010

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Frontenac County Council put themselves, and County staff, through a kind of push and pull exercise throughout the month of February. The result was a change in the tax levy to ratepayers from the 2% increase that was in the draft budget to a net 0.59% decrease. The exercise was initiated by Frontenac Islands Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek, who took exception to the way that the initial budget accounted for savings that came about because the provincial government has assumed the entire cost of a major social program, the Ontario Disability Support Program Vanden Hoek argued that if those savings, which amounted to several hundred thousand dollars, were passed directly on to the local municipalities (South, Central, and North Frontenac and the Frontenac Islands) the…

Fury to Represent Eastern Region at Provincials

Written by  |  Thursday, 11 March 2010 09:26  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Back row:  Emma Leblanc, Brianna Blight, Keighan Chadwick, Buff Chadwick (trainer), Jamie Hitchcock, Kevin Hitchcock (head coach), Randie Hollingsworth and Mark Hollingsworth (assistant coach). Front row:  Lacey Henwood, Suzanne Allison, Nicole Hunter, Erica Sortberg and Kelsey Player The Frontenac Fury Midget C girl’s have done it again! Not only did the team win their second tournament this year (Brockville February Freeze, February 21, 2010), but through hard work and dedication by all team members, the girls have qualified for the OWHA Provincials, which will be held in Mississauga, April 9 – 11. “Our rink has not had a women’s team qualify for provincials in over 20 years”, says Buff Chadwick, team trainer and president of the Frontenac Girl’s Hockey Association. “This is big news for…

E-learning making upgrading and college accessible locally

Written by  |  Thursday, 04 February 2010 09:28  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Local community learning centres in Sydenham, Hartington, Sharbot Lake and Northbrook are solving some of the problems people have when trying to improve their skills and education. One solution is a partnership with Ontario colleges for E-learning (electronic, online or Web-based learning) satellite services. “It’s a hidden gem,” says Patricia Ramirez, speaking of the E-learning lab at Northern Connections in Sharbot Lake, “If I had known there was a local E-lab I would have gone back to school sooner.” E-labs provide a learning environment that is friendly, supportive and close to home. High-speed Internet is available and the computers have all the software and hardware needed to complete courses for the Academic and Career Entrance Program (ACE) and some college certificate and diploma courses. The…

Frontenac County budget debate hits overtime

Written by  |  Thursday, 04 February 2010 09:28  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Frontenac County Council had been planning to finalise its 2010 budget this week, but Frontenac Islands Mayor Jim Vanden Hoek threw a bit of a spanner into the works. While the overall tax levy number as prepared by county staff was within an acceptable range at 1.94% over the 2009 levels, Vanden Hoek noted that spending was up about 15% and said the county was taking advantage of almost $800,000 in savings this year that came about because the Province of Ontario has taken on municipal costs for the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP). “I'd like to move that the $793,814 as identified in our budget document as savings from the ODSP upload be identified as a direct transfer to the townships,” Vanden Hoek said.…

Frontenac County Council - Jan. 26/11

Written by  |  Thursday, 28 January 2010 09:52  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Another year, another request from Pine Meadow; same result Bud Clayton, the Chair of the Management Committee for Pine Meadow Nursing Home, which is owned and operated by Land O'Lakes Community Services, made a presentation to Frontenac County last week (January 20) Each year for several years, a board member from Pine Meadow has made the trip down to Glenburnie to ask for support from Frontenac County towards upgrades to the home. The logic behind the request, as Clayton pointed out, is that although Pine Meadow is located in Lennox and Addington and is not part of the municipally-run long-term care sector, 21 of the 60 beds in the home are currently occupied by residents of Frontenac County. “On behalf of those 21 folks in…

Frontenac Soccer Association honours volunteers

Written by  |  Thursday, 28 January 2010 09:52  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
FSA president Tracy Holland presents an award to past volunteer Morris Leroux The Frontenac Soccer Association (FSA) decided for the first time this year to honour the many community volunteers whose efforts have allowed the sport to grow from just 300 players in 1990 to close to 1000 players this past year. At their annual AGM, which took place at the Sydenham Legion on January 21, FSA president Tracey Holland of Sydenham handed out a total of 17 awards recognizing volunteers who spend countless hours not only as members of the executive board but also in other important roles, such as the coordinators for coaches, equipment, conveners, field maintenance, scheduling, community relations, field-liners and the FSA website. For many long-term volunteers like Bryan Robe, the…

Frontenac County draft budget calls for a 2% increase

Written by  |  Thursday, 21 January 2010 09:52  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
As Frontenac County Council goes through a line-by-line consideration of their 2010 budget next Monday, January 25, they will be facing a draft document that includes only a minimal 1.94% ($164,000) increase in the amount of money that is being requisitioned from its four member municipalities. But there still may be things to discuss. Included in the budget is a decrease in costs for social services of over $720,000 because of an uploading of Ontario Disability Support Program costs by the province, and at least one of the member municipalities would like to see that money transferred, on the basis of assessment, to the member municipalities. At their council meeting last week, North Frontenac Council passed a motion to that effect, to be forwarded to…

Full-day Kindergarten coming to Limestone Schools

Written by  |  Thursday, 14 January 2010 09:53  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
Prince Charles Public School in Verona, North Addington Education Centre in Cloyne, and Sharbot Lake Public School, are three of 600 schools from across Ontario that will be offering full-day learning, five days a week, for four and five-year-olds starting in September. According to a government media release, the program, which was launched on Tuesday, January 12, will have both teachers and early childhood educators working “together to help four and five-year-olds learn during the regular school day. Schools will also offer extended day programs, before and after regular school hours, which will be led by registered early childhood educators. There will be a reasonable fee for these programs, and subsidies will be available for some families, based on financial need. Fees will be determined…

Frontenac County Council - Nov. 24/11

Written by  |  Thursday, 26 November 2009 08:48  |  Published in FRONTENAC COUNTY
County resolves governance issue Frontenac County Council has ended an 18-month-long process by selecting a new governance model. An eight-member council, with the mayor of South Frontenac carrying two votes, will be in place after municipal elections next November, pending ratification of the proposal by lower-tier councils in the county. Currently there are four members of Frontenac County Council - the four Frontenac townships (North, South, Central, and Frontenac Islands), and each township will be adding an additional member after the municipal election next November. The extra councilors will be chosen by the member councils for a four-year term By allocating two votes to the mayor of South Frontenac there will be nine votes on the council, ensuring majority votes on contentious issues and providing…
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