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The Frontenac Stewardship Foundation held it annual retreat at the Queen’s University Biological Station (QUBS) this year. The location, on Lake Opinicon, is emblematic of Frontenac County in that it sits at the edge of the Canadian Shield, having one foot in the fractured limestone and another in the hard granite of the shield. The station is not located in Frontenac, however, being just over the border in Leeds Grenville, 20 km from Perth Road on the scenic, winding Opinicon Road. The conference provided an opportunity for a dozen or so groups and organisations that are involved in stewardship activities on the four watersheds that intersect in Frontenac County to update each other on their activities and look for ways to work together in the…

Award winner

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Just five months into her tenure as Fairmount Home’s permanent Administrator, Lisa Hirvi received the inaugural Donna Rubin Administrator Leadership Program Award at the AdvantAge Ontario annual convention in Toronto on April 21. Hirvi received the award for earning top marks for her case study during last winter’s AdvantAge Ontario Administrator Leadership Program, which is structured to meet requirements for Long Term Care Home Administrators under the Long Term Care Homes Act, 2007. AdvantAge Ontario has delivered this program successfully for 21 years and boasts more than 1,400 participants. Hirvi became the permanent Administrator at Fairmount Home in December 2016 after assuming the role of Interim Administrator in January of that same year. The AdvantAge Ontario Leadership Program Award was established in honour of Donna…

Gutowski “deeply disappointed in former colleagues”

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Last week, a settlement was reached through mediation to end a defamation lawsuit that was launched in 2013 by former Frontenac County Warden Janet Gutowski against three former colleagues on County Council; David Jones, Dennis Doyle and John McDougall. Terms of the agreement have not been released, and according to Gutowski details of the agreement are subject to a confidentiality clause. “I thought it was over, and while the terms are confidential I can tell you that I was pleased it was settled and we can all move on,” she said when contacted on Tuesday, “but I just read an online article where Dennis Doyle and even John McDougall have made comments about the matter that I wonder about. I’m sending that article to my…

North and Central Frontenac Relay for Life Needs You!

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Mark the date down…Friday May 19th from 6 pm to midnight – Parham Ball Field, that is the date for this year's North and Central Frontenac's Relay for Life. This year’s Relay for Life marks 10 years – that is 10 years of commitment, 10 years of volunteering, 10 years of passion, 10 years of hoping and praying for the Cure. Cancer has affected each and every one of us, maybe we haven’t been given the diagnosis directly, but I’m sure that a loved one has. Think back and remember that time, the place, how it made you feel. How helpless you felt to want to do something but not really knowing exactly what to do or say. I remember gathering together with my family…

Stuff The Cruiser campaign gives food bank “a presence”

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For many years now, food bank volunteers have been joined by OPP auxiliary members and it’s been a mutually beneficial arrangement. In Sydenham, Verona and Sharbot Lake (like last Saturday), auxiliary officers have brought a police vehicle to a local grocery store (like Mike Dean’s) and joined food bank volunteers to collect foodstuffs and cash donations. They call it Stuff the Cruiser. “I’m local and my mom’s on the (food bank) committee,” said Aux. Const. Nicole Greenstreet, a veteran of a half-dozen or so Stuff the Cruiser campaigns. “So I know the need. “Plus it’s a good organization to be supporting that’s vital to the community.” “I just like to help out with the food drive,” said Aux. Const. Curtis Jacques, who was on his…

Secure funding for Paramedicine program

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Frontenac Paramedic services took some initiative a few years ago establishing paramedicine services, which involve making use of paramedic infrastructure and staff capacity to provide services aimed at preventing the kinds of catastrophic medical events that lead to 911 calls for service. To that end, with funding from the county and provincial grant money a wellness clinic in Marysville, on Wolfe Island, was established, and later visiting clinics at Diners clubs across the County have been set up. Now the province has established Paramedicine as an ongoing program and has tasked the Local Health Integration Networks (LHIN’s) with distributing funding to local paramedic services. It’s all a bit confusing because the boundaries that the LHIN’s are using don’t correspond to our service boundaries,” said Frontenac…

Accommodations in Frontenac

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The County of Frontenac is looking for input from residents and businesses as it’s trying to find ways to increase the number of overnight stays in the County in all four seasons of the year. To better understand what’s needed to increase the number of overnight stays, Frontenac County and consulting firm MDB Insight are hosting workshops in each of the County’s member municipalities. Anyone with a stake in tourism is encouraged to participate in these workshops and findings will be incorporated in a toolkit to help grow four season accommodations, including marketing strategies, new digital approaches and leveraging the network of existing businesses. Tourism operators, accommodation providers, cultural associations, business owners and other interested parties are all invited. Workshop Dates and Locations:North Frontenac: Wednesday…

InFrontenac – brand ambassadors meet and greet

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Alison Vandervelde and Richard Allen of the Frontenac County Economic Development department thought that fifteen or twenty of the 68 Frontenac County brand ambassadors would accept their invitation to hold an informal social gathering at the Sharbot Lake County Inn last Thursday (March 30). “When over 50 said they were coming we were pretty surprised,” said Vandervelde “but then again I knew that businesses who have taken on the role of brand ambassador are an enthusiastic bunch.” Vandervelde made a short presentation at the gathering, which included business owners from all four townships, and the staff of the Frontenac Community Futures Development Corporation. She talked about plans to use the brand and the InFrontenac tagline to promote unique adventures in Frontenac County this summer. “Mostly…

2nd rural summit on poverty and housing to be held on April 18th

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Local service agencies, experts and the general public are invited to attend the 2nd Rural Summit on Poverty and Housing to work together on ways to address the unique challenges faced by vulnerable rural residents in Frontenac County. The summit will take place on Tuesday, April 18, from 1:00 to 4:00pm at Oso Hall, 1107 Garrett Street in Sharbot Lake, Ontario. “We’re trying to keep the momentum of last year’s rural summit going,” says Louise Moody, Executive Director at Northern Frontenac Community Services (NFCS), who is co-hosting the event with Southern Frontenac Community Services (SFCSC). “As a result of the 2016 session, we’ve been exploring some of the ideas proposed.” At the 2017 version of the summit, two presentations will be made related to housing…

Goat dairy meeting at FC

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Last Thursday (March 23) Richard Allen from Frontenac County’s Economic Development Department, and Carey Bidtnes from the Kingston Economic Development Corporation (KEDCO) hosted three sessions on the prospects for the goat dairy industry in Eastern Ontario. They were joined by goat experts from the Ontario Ministry of Food and Agriculture, including small ruminant specialist Jillian Craig, and raw milk specialist Philip Wilman. Richard Allen hosted the sessions, and Carey Bidtnes kicked things off by setting out the context for an unprecedented potential growth of the small but growing goat dairy industry in Ontario. Bidtnes is the point person at KEDCO who is working with officials from the huge Chinese agricultural corporation Feihe. Feihe will commence construction on a $250 million plant in Kingston this summer.…

Goat farm corporation looking to local islands

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The British Columbia affiliate of a California based agricultural company is planning to expand into Eastern Ontario, and it has its sights set on Frontenac County. “We are, at heart, animal lovers, and we hate the idea of keeping animals indoors all year,” said company President Halle Steubens in an interview from the Cardinal Cafe on Monday. Steubens spent three days in Frontenac County early this week, and stayed at the Sharbot Lake Country Inn while conducting meetings with financiers and political officials. “We heard about the need for goat milk in this region from one of our contacts in China,” Steubens said, “and we knew it was called the County of a Thousand Lakes, so I jumped on a plane to see for myself…

Have You Seen This Man?

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Several government officials in the South/Central Frontenac area are rumoured to have been spotted recently talking with none other than moviemaker Grant Heslov. Friend of actor George Clooney and director of the 2009 film “The Men Who Stare at Goats”, Heslov has big plans for the area. “We’ve been looking for a real 'home-town of long ago' where we can film our sequel on location,” said Heslov; “a place where internet connections aren’t always available and cell phones may not get signals. Somewhere that can be reached by neither bus nor train, a place where taxis seldom venture.” The director won’t reveal the exact location yet, due to sensitive negotiations in process: ”We’re in the process of leasing a large area of farmland near the…

Novice Flyers take championship

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It went like this: Game 1, 6-3 Flyers win at Frontenac Arena; Game 2, 7-1 Flyers win at Wasaga Beach Stars; Game 3, 9-0 Flyers win at Wasaga Beach. And just like that, the Novice Flyers rep team is the top dog in the OMHA Novice East CC-C loop this season. Before the team bus left for Wasaga Beach last Friday, South Frontenac Mayor Ron Vandewal, himself a veteran of many, many hockey campaigns, came on board to give the guys a pep talk. Next, there was a an inspirational video from Arizona Coyotes goaltender Mike Smith, who grew up in the Frontenac Minor Hockey system. “He (Smith) told the team ‘just enjoy it,’” Flyers Head Coach Jamie Craig said. “This is a big deal…

Novice Flyers one victory away from title

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With 6-3 and 7-1 victories on Saturday and Sunday respectively, the Frontenac Novice (8 years old and under) Flyers need only one more win to take the Lou Jeffries Trophy, as champions of their respective EOMHL division. The Flyers travel back to Wasaga Beach Friday (March 24, 6 p.m. game start, Game 4, if necessary, is March 19 at 2:30 p.m. in Piccadilly) to play the Stars in what could be their final game of the season. (In the finals, the first team to reach 6 points wins and the Flyers are up 4-0 after their wins in the first two games.) In the Saturday game, the Flyers opened the scoring in the first and never looked back getting goals from Cole Rowat (2), Jack…

Smith tops County politician pay scale in 2016

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Former Frontenac County Warden Frances Smith took received $26,641 in 2016, including $4,391 in mileage and over $22,226 in pay. As Warden, Smith received the highest base pay and the most pay for attending board and committee meetings. She submitted only $23.77 in claims for conference, training and other travel. Deputy Warden Ron Vandewal received $14,053, including $13,480 in pay for serving as Deputy Warden and sitting on committees and task forces and $573 for mileage. Vandewal made no claims under the conference/training line. Former Warden Denis Doyle received more than Vandewal did,  a total of $15,575. Doyle received  $10,887 in pay, $3,750  conference, training and other travel expenses and $936 in mileage. It should be noted, however, that the Warden and Deputy Warden attend…

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