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Saturday, 27 July 2013 13:37

Our Roots

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With the support of St. Lawrence College in Kingston, a small group of concerned citizens, which first met in November 1970 in the old Anglican rectory in Sharbot Lake, was able to collect some information from a survey and gather a few more people for a February meeting in the Sharbot Lake High School. The results of the survey and discussion showed that there was no sense of a ‘North Frontenac’ community.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013 11:17

Editorial Criteria

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The Frontenac News is dedicated to providing you, our readers, high quality, factual regional news occurring within the distribution range of the Frontenac News.  We welcome your opinions on matters of importance within our community and strive to present our region in a favourable light.

Saturday, 27 July 2013 11:35

Web Advertisements

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We will be offering the option of displaying your advertisements on our online edition of the Frontenac News.  We are currently analyzing the positions and sizes of advertisements that best suit our website and offer the greatest value for our customers. Please check back often for updates.

Saturday, 27 July 2013 11:35

Print Advertisements

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We offer a wide range of print advertisment sizes and weekly rates.  If you require help with an advertisements our qualified art directors can help design your advrtisement.  We have provided our rate card which lists the print sizes and associated weekly costs.

Tuesday, 06 August 2013 15:35

Business Directory Packages

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We are now offering free basic listings in our Online Business Directory.  As we grow we will be offering additional capabilities at a low cost to enhance your business listing presence on the Frontenac News website.  When additional capabilities are available we will let you know.  In the meantime, check the Business Directory out and contact us to get your company included.

Saturday, 27 July 2013 12:14

Recommended Software

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The Frontenac News art department can prepare your advertisements and images for you at a nominal cost.  If you choose to edit your images yourself, below are some freeware programs that can help.  The programs work on all platforms and are free to use.

Saturday, 27 July 2013 12:13

Electronic Submissions

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Frontenac News accepts electronic submissions of your artwork for advertisements and images for newpaper articles.  If you opt into print and/or web based advertisements, please submit your artwork as per guidelines below and our art department will adjust your image resolution to suit the web display criteria.

Saturday, 27 July 2013 15:04

Delivery Areas

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The Frontenac News has a delivery area stretching from Denbigh, Ontario to Sydenham, Ontario. The Frontenac News is published on Thursdays and mailed free to all the households in our circulation area. Our circulation is verified by the Ontario Community Newspapers Association Verified Circulation program. Deadline for ads is Monday noon of the week of publication.

Saturday, 27 July 2013 11:37

Our Staff

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The Staff at Frontenac News are a team of qualified people dedicated to providing top quality customer service, excellent graphic design services and consistent professional journalism. 

Monday, 03 March 2014 16:54

How to Find News Articles

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The Frontenac News contains articles  from 1999 - present day.  We have attempted to migrate all articles into this fantastic new online newspaper and during the process, moved them into categories that make better sense.  Our goal is to make finding archived articles simple and easy.  We have provided several ways to help you search for what you need.

Dedicated Archive Pages

Use the dropdown menus listed under Archives located at the top of every page - This will take you to a list of the entire years articles, letters and editorials for that year with a list of that years months to help you filter.

Search Bar

Use the powerful search bar at the top right of every page to initiate a site wide search of articles related to your search words.  This search bar can search by the title of the article that you are searching for but also lists anything else with the search words you have entered.  Once you are on a Search Results Page you will have the ability to conduct a more advanced search.

Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search feature located on the grey navigation bar on all pages to launch our powerful advanced search feature.  This page lists all months from 2005-present.


If you still cannot find what you are looking for, please give us a call or use our contact form and we will try to help you locate what you need.




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