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South Frontenac Council - June 15

South Frontenac Volunteers of the year

by Jeff Green

Doug and Linda Boulter, Pam Morey and Mayor Gary Davison (absent, Harriet Corkey)

Before turning to the deliberating and bickering that are the stuff of municipal politics in Sydenham, South Frontenac Council takes a bit of time before one of their June meetings each year to honour volunteers who have made lasting contributions to the township.

On Tuesday night, June 16, they honoured Pam Morey, Harriet Corkey, and Doug and Lynda Boulter.


Pam Morey’s name has become synonymous with the S&A Club in Harrowsmith over the past nine years. In addition to serving as secretary to the club for seven years, Pam has been the key fundraiser and organiser of the club’s Canada Day in the Park event, which draws enthusiastic crowds from the entire township and beyond.

Pam also organises and volunteers for the Moms and Tots program at the hall, and she volunteers for a number of events at the S&A club, including the Hallowe’en Fun Night, Santa Claus Parade Open House, and exercise and first aid classes.

Pam has two sons at Harrowsmith Public School, where she volunteers as well. She is working hard these days raising money for playground equipment for McMullen Park in Verona and Centennial Park in Harrowsmith. If that wasn’t enough, Pam Morey also plays in the band “Hemp”, which performs at a number of fundraising events each year.

DOUG AND LYNDA BOULTER – organisation personified

Doug and Lynda Bouler have often been the difference between “a group of people with good ideas” and “a community organisation”.

In their home community of Verona, their skills, attention to detail, and tireless energy have been put to good use by the Verona Community Association and the Verona Festival, the Lions’ Club, and Trinity United Church.

In the citation that was read out at the awards ceremony, some of Doug’s responsibilities at the festival were listed – “final stage painting, making sure all the power is adequate and the light bulbs work, decorations secure, ensuring that every volunteer knows what to do, managing the volunteer database, storage of the archives and staying on the clean-up crew until the job is done.”

Lynda has served as the Chair of Board of Stewards at Trinity United Church for many years. As the church’s “kitchen fairy” she ensures that renters and church volunteers can count on a safe, well-equipped facility.

As a couple that volunteer for different roles in various enterprises they have also developed an ability to stay out of each other’s hair. Lynda takes on her jobs and Doug takes on his, and together or apart they both show up when needed and provide their own unique skills to the task at hand.

Oh - and they both like to have a lot of fun while they are working. It is volunteer work, after all.

Doug and Lynda also volunteer “up north” as actors and producers for North Frontenac Little Theatre.

As the citation concludes – “Doug and Lynda have endeared themselves to our community.”


To call Harriet Corkey a fixture with the 4-H program in South Frontenac would be an understatement. Her involvement began even before she started volunteering at 4-H some 22 years ago, when she joined her siblings and exhibited Guernsey cattle at championship shows throughout eastern Ontario.

For the past 10 years Harriet has been the president of the Frontenac 4-H Association, and before that she served as a provincial director of the association for the maximum term. Harriet is also the leader of a very successful swine club and a member of the Frontenac County Pork Producers’ Association.

As the community changes and moves away from agriculture, it is stalwarts such as Harriet Corkey who are keeping the farming lifestyle alive for a new generation to take up. 

Building Department Backlog

by Wilma Kenny

At the request of Councillor Fillion, Chief Building Official Alan Revill presented a report totalling over 1600 outstanding building permit files that have accumulated since 2000. The majority of these are ones where the owners have never called for the final inspection and the building department has been too short-staffed to consistently follow up. Revill said that once the additional building inspector is hired, it will become possible to work on the backlog.

Waste Recycling Strategy

Public Works Manager Mark Segsworth reported that Waste Diversion Ontario now requires townships to develop a waste recycling strategy to plan how to effectively and efficiently operate its blue box program both now and in the future. Municipalities without such a plan will have their funding from WDO reduced: on the other hand, WDO has a Continuous Improvement Fund to help pay part of the cost of developing a plan. Public consultation will be part of the process.

Sydenham Triathlon/Duathlon

will be held Sunday, July 4. This was a popular event last year: the organizers say Sydenham area is an ideal setting for such an event.

Opinicon Road?

Council has learned that a portion of the Opinicon Road in Storrington and Loughborough districts does not belong to the Township. A section that is a forced road has remained under the ownership of a private landowner, whose property it crossed. This came to light when MPAC insisted the property owner should pay taxes on the roadway. Council is hastening to assume ownership, and in the meantime, the current owner has graciously declined to charge a toll.